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Cosmetic Dentistry at Wilton Dental & Cosmetics

Ready for Your Best Smile?

Do you tend to cover your mouth when you smile or laugh? Are you camera-shy due to tarnished or damaged teeth? At Wilton Dental & Cosmetics, we provide an array of smile-enhancing services to restore your smile and confidence!

Before and after teeth whiteningAt-Home Teeth Whitening

Coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco are all substances that can tarnish your teeth. If you’d like to achieve a stunning, megawatt smile, we have dental grade whitening kits in store. The kit comes with custom-fitted trays that allow you to whiten your teeth and top up your brightness from the convenience of your home. Learn more about teeth whitening.


A crown is an ideal option when more than half of your tooth structure has been lost or if you have cracks, discolouration or a filling that needs to be replaced. Your tooth will be prepped to receive the crown; then we’ll take an impression of it. We use state-of-the-art technology to craft our crowns. At the second visit, we’ll place the crown, ensuring it feels comfortable and that your bite aligns.


If you have a gap caused by a missing tooth, a fixed dental bridge is an ideal solution. A dental bridge is comprised of two crowns on either side of the missing tooth connected to an artificial tooth, called a pontic, in the middle. These three “teeth” form the “bridge” that is colour-matched to your teeth and then bonded into place.

Illustration of dental implantDental Implants

If you’ve been searching for a natural-looking, long-lasting replacement for one or more missing teeth, consider dental implants. Implants involve a titanium screw and a bridge, crown or denture placed on it. After evaluating your dental health and determining that implants are the most suitable option, we’ll insert the titanium implant into your jaw bone. A CT scan (with limited radiation) will be taken. We will identify the best location for the implant. Once healed, a restoration is placed on the top of it.


Would you like to straighten your smile without others knowing? We offer ClearPath invisible braces. Over time, these ultrathin, clear aligners gently shift your tooth to the desired position. ClearPath aligners are much more comfortable than traditional metal braces.

Why not take advantage of our Mac Credit offer? For less than $25 a week* you can straighten your teeth with thanks to Mac Credit. Ts and Cs apply. Head to our payment plans page to find out more.



If your teeth have imperfections that leave you feeling too self-conscious to smile, consider veneers. These custom-fitted “shells” can be crafted on the same day using CEREC technology. The veneers then will be bonded to your teeth using a strong adhesive.


Want to Learn More?

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