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Dentures at Wilton Dental & Cosmetics

Why us?

Dentures Wilton

  • Stable and strong dentures
  • Eat normally with our dentures
  • Modern techniques with guess work eliminated
  • Aesthetic
  • Very comfortable

Full dentures can be a challenge and we have made a team that can make flawless dentures and can raise standard life! We have understanding of each stage of making dentures and maximum time and effort is made using all the modern materials and technology.

 Full dentures is an art and science combined. We feel a dentist and prosthesis team can do a very good job together.

Fixing a lose or Painful Denture

If you wear a full denture and its become lose then there are many ways to fix it.

  1. Reline the denture.
  2. Make a new complete denture
  3. Support the denture with implants placed in patients jaw. (The best solution of all).

Our dental clinic has seen a huge number of patients with troubled dentures which were fixed to perfection with in days. The only thing needed is the right treatment plan for the denture construction.

Complete Denture Stages of Construction.

  1. Consult and impressions are taken on first visit.
  2. Secondary impressions on second visit.
  3. Bite check done on visit 3.
  4. Trial is done on visit 4
  5. Denture is issued on the fifth visit.

Implant Denture

Implant denture WiltonSome patients lose massive amount of bone and they try to avoid having implant dentures, which results in damage to the bone. Such patients end up having no bone at all and in few months to years they cannot wear the dentures as well. Our advice is to get the implants in time.

  1. Consult in the first visit along with impressions and x-rays.
  2. Implant guide check takes place in second visit
  3. Third visit is the actual procedure of placing implants.
  4. Fourth visit is to review and take x rays to monitor healing.
  5. Impressions are taken for denture in visit 5
  6. Trial is done in 6th visit
  7. Denture is inserted and job finished in the 7th visit.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are made up of either plastic or metal. Metal ones are always better as they are thinner. They fill up the space for one or more teeth. They usually require 3 to 4 visits and are generally very successful. We work along with a team of very successful prosthetists who have been making dentures for us for years.

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