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Major Dentistry at Wilton Dental & Cosmetics

At our modern, family-friendly Illustration of dentist chairpractice, we feature a comprehensive array of dental services to help give you a healthy, beautiful smile.


Illustration of dental extrationExtractions

Whether you have wisdom teeth that are erupting or a tooth that’s weakened, an extraction may be in order. We’ll assess your oral health to determine the best way to perform the extraction. X-rays will provide a deeper look; the X-rays we take are low-radiation and are essential in helping us to understand your situation. You will be sufficiently numbed, and we won’t proceed until we are certain that you can’t feel a thing. A simple extraction takes just 20-30 minutes.


A crown is an ideal option when more than half of your tooth structure has been lost or if you have cracks, discolouration or a filling that needs to be replaced. Dental CrownsYour tooth will be prepped to receive the crown; then we’ll take an impression of it. We use state-of-the-art technology to craft our crowns. At the second visit, we’ll place the crown, ensuring it feels comfortable and that your bite aligns.

Illustration of dental crownRoot Canal Treatments

When a tooth root becomes infected, a root canal is performed to relieve pain that’s caused by an infection. The primary benefit of the procedure is it can allow you to avoid extraction. We pride ourselves on pain-free dentistry. The area will be cleaned, and the roots will be filled with a material to prevent any other bacteria from getting in. Depending on the severity of the infection, two visits may be required to complete the root canal. The final step is to place a crown over the tooth to protect it against instability or weakening.

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