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Post-Extraction Care at Wilton Dental & Cosmetics

What to expect when having a tooth extracted.

At Wilton Dental & Cosmetics, our goal is for your healing process after an extraction to be as comfortable as possible. The removal of teeth is a surgical procedure, and post-operative care is imperative. Please follow all instructions carefully to avoid any unnecessary pain and possible infection.

Dental Extractions


1) Bite on gauze for 20 minutes to stop bleeding.

If bleeding continues, gently remove the gauze and place another gauze. Continue to apply light pressure. Bleeding is natural and a required part of the healing process. Most of the initial bleeding is usually resolved after the first couple of hours following an extraction but patients should expect an “oozing” of blood for 24 hrs. This oozing of blood is not active bleeding but may discolour the saliva pink. As the blood clot begins to form be careful not to tear it out by gently removing the gauze and wetting the gauze if necessary. Removal of the blood clot will result in renewed bleeding.

2) For the first 24 hours:

• No smoking or alcohol (for at least 48 hours)
• Don’t drink through a straw (avoid carbonated beverages)
• Don’t blow your nose or spit excessively
• No eating/ drinking hot foods or liquids
• No physical activity for the first 48 hours (this will prolong bleeding)
Dentist’s orders: Take it easy!

Any of these things may cause the blood clot to dislodge from the “socket,” causing a “dry socket” and result in unnecessary pain. If you get a dry socket it usually starts about 2-3 days after the extraction and feels like a strong throbbing in the area where the tooth used to be. Please call us if this occurs, this condition can be easily treated.

3) Maintain a soft food diet for the next 24 hours.

No eating until numbness wears off.

4) If you were given medication, take it according to the instructions.

Any prescription medications (antibiotics or painkillers) should be taken exactly as directed. It’s recommended to take two x Panadol within one hour after your surgery. Do not take Aspirin as this may promote bleeding.








5) Tomorrow start rinsing gently with warm salt water

(1/4 teaspoon of salt to 300ml Water) after eating for the following 2-5 days to clear the extraction / surgery site.

6) Use ice packs on the area of your face next to the extraction sight.

Leave the ice pack on for 20 minutes and then off for 20 minutes. Do this during the first 24 hours to minimize swelling. After 48 hours you may apply a warm compress to increase circulation and promote healing. If you feel the need, you may also elevate your head while sleeping with an extra pillow.

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